How I supported free: March 2012

I realized that this blog serie doesn’t have a due date, so here it is: June 2012.

I will do this for 6 months (counting in January & February 2012) and then decide if I go on with this.

I had a limited budget during March, so I was limited to who I could support, but here’s to show that it’s still possible to support, in little ways.


Thought provoking podcast... which I love!

Inciting a riot Podcast 10$

This podcaster had a great idea of organizing a Swag contest to help him pay for the time and ressources needed for the online content he creates.
I think it’s a great idea as it creates an occasion for the listeners to connect and encourage him. And I sure did.
The only thing that I regret is that I couldn’t give as much as I wanted to. But I promised myself to give him more, later during the year.

Aren't thoses pretty? :-)

Artist: Natalia Pierandrei 12.99$

I kept my promess from this earlier post. I decided I would encourage artists more, so I got thoses beautiful postcards from Natalia ‘s etsy shop.

Natalia have been a great inspirations for years. I’ll always remember the first time I encountered her beautiful art on the web, way back in 2004.

What I especially love about postcards is that you get to give them.
You get to share art you love with a friend. And you promote the artist, at the same time. How amazing is this?

For 2012, I will defenetely be sharing art a lot more! :)


A challenge…

One challenge I have while doing this, is to actually find different bloggers to give  my money to.
It always seem to be the same persons who create content.
And I’m not talking about communities or websites, as there are loads of them, but actual persons.
I have nothing wrong with encouraging them, but I wanted to be fair to my blog community. And since I’m doing a blog serie on this, I also didn’t want to repeat myself.

I really wish bloggers would have more “donate” buttons on their blogs and/or small, unexpensive items to buy from them. Even just a Flattr button would be great.

What do you think about this?

Update: If you’re new on this blog, I suggest you to take a look my other posts on this subject:

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  1. maloki says:

    I understand what you mean, by it being difficult to find new content creators. But I also see a lot more new users all the time! Even if I don’t work at Flattr any more.

    I think it’s important to be a bit proactive as well, “I like this content let’s flattr their Twitter account or Soundcloud and see if they will catch on!” type of thing.

    Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

    I’ve just written this post, about why you (anyone) should be interested in Flattr, might help spread some awareness, I don’t know:

    • Fanie says:

      Hi Maloki,
      Thanks for sharing your blog post on the subject with me. I agree with you that we always need to reminds ourselves to be a little more proactive, as well.
      Flattr is such an interesting platform. But I always need to remind myself to go to my account and Flattr people as much as I can.

  2. Well, I’ve had that Flattr on my site for some time now… ;)

  3. Ploum says:

    What I realized is that creating content doesn’t pay off. I’m writing on by blog short stories in French. A lot of people told me that I’ve good writing, that they wait for the next story, that they absolutely like it. But the Flattr button for those content always stay at 1 or 2.

    But when I rant about free softwares or made a stupid joke on my blog, it can go to ten times more donations.

    That’s sad because I’m a lot more proud of my short stories ;-)

    • Fanie says:

      What you’re saying reminds me of that “Catvertising” Youtube video. ;)
      Our attention on the web goes fast and it’s a lot easier to share something funny than a long story, unfortunately. Have you thought about grouping your stories and sell them via a .pdf or getting them published? I think a blog is a great place for promotion or sharing and discovering content, but as to make a good amount of money with something creative, I think we need to get out of the box a little more,

      • Ploum says:

        Actually, you are right. I should take the time to put everything together in an ebook and see how it goes. Being published is another story as it involves a lot more work, it involves first going to all publishers, convincing them, re-working stuffs. It’s a full time-job and another way of living.

        • Fanie says:

          It always depends what is your goal with your project. :) I have a friend who writes as well and we’ve been thinking about the “Self-publishing vs. finding an editor” problem a lot. At the end, our conclusion was that both had their own particularities.
          But I’m glad I could be some help. :)

          • Ploum says:

            I’m very curious. What was the result of your reflection about “Self-publishing vs. finding an editor” ?

          • Fanie says:

            Basically, when you self-publish, you make more money on a book sale. But there is a price to it as you have to make your own promotion, distribute your content, etc. You have to do all the job an editor usually will take on. We found that this option was best for someone who already had a following and/or were very good in marketing themselves. And had more time to do all the extra work needed.
            IF you decide to look for an editor, you will get less money when you sell a book. But they take all the financial risks and do the promotion/marketing work for you. Of course, there are better editors than others, it will how depend how you will deal your contract.
            If you know someone who published and/or self-published before, it could be good for you to ask them for some advice and what their experience was. :)

  4. pam says:

    I am so pleased that you are continuing in your decision to support the blogging community. The amount does not have to be large – most of us have to watch our pennies these days so any effort at all is a big one. I usually support blogs through purchases in the shops. And what i am starting to do is to have a giveaway for product in the shops so that I am supporting a blogger in two ways! This month the giveaway will be three patterns from any one of four shops I have selected.

    I hope you will find this venture worth your continued support Fanie. It has meant so much to have you join us.