DIY Postcard exchange 2012


Working on a DIY Postcard...

Whenever I have some time left, I go on and work on IHanna’s DIY Postcard exchange I registered in.


Ta-da! Finished postcard! :-)

The goal is quite simple. You have to create a serie of 10 postcards. It can be whatever you want. You just need to create 10 of them and, in exchange, you will receive 10 postcards from different participants from all around the world. Amazing, isn’t? :)

I already am a member over at postcrossing, so this creative project really appealed to me. As much as I like to get general postcard, I love to get postcards that are actual creations. I appreciate all the time and effort that’s been put into it.


Can you guess who this is? ;-)

In fact, it’s not to late to participate if you are interested in it. You have until March, 7th to pay a very small fee (6 US$) and reserve your spot. It’s really not that much for such a fun project. Plus, you’ll be encouraging online sustainability for a wonderful creative blogger! :)

watercolormermaidillustrationSince my main forte is drawing and illustration, I decided that I would make a different illustration on each card.
I do apreciate all the efforts the people make with mixing medias. It is something I don’t have much experience with, so I really enjoy the collages, sewing and altered postcards. :)

green-witch-illustration-diy-postcardEveryone can participate in. You don’t have to be good in drawing to get in and there are no expectations to you.
The idea is just to create and share your creations with other people from all around the world.

girl-umbrella-dog-diy-postcard-illustrationSo whare are you waiting for? :)
Head over to Hanna’s blog and register if this is a project that sparks your creative interest!

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  1. Sarah (Flo) says:

    oh I love these! especially the oh so friendly looking tree :)

    I am also a postcrosser, and am planning to make some extra postcards on top of my 10 for Hanna’s swap – just in case I draw the address of someone on Postcrossing who says they would like a handmade card (not many do though :( )

    • Fanie says:

      Hi Sarah, :-D

      The friendly tree is my favorite one, as well. While I was making it, I thought he was pretty cool. :-)

      It’s a great idea that you’re planning on making more for the postcrossing exchange site. :-D And, yes, I also find it sad that there are not that much people who want handmade postcards. You just reminded me that I need to add this to my profile, as I love getting handmade postcards.
      I find my city’s postcards are usually quite ugly, so I’ve been thinking about going out with my camera and get some nice pictures and make them as postcards for postcrossing. :p

  2. iHanna says:

    Oh what a sweet post, thank you Fanie! :-) You’re too kind. I want the Frida-one! ;-)

  3. Emily Lagore says:

    oh how great are these?!! I can totally see these illustrations in a childrens book – so cute!

  4. Pia says:

    Adorable, I love how they tell a little story, they have so much expression in them

    • Fanie says:

      Hello Pia, :)
      You’re right about the “story” part. Telling stories is always a big part in my drawings. Even thought I don’t always realize it… :D

  5. Madde says:

    Love Frida! (I´m doing an art project with 4-8 year olds in may, with Fridas art)

    • Fanie says:

      That’s awesome that you’re going to have an art projects with childrens, Madde! :-D Frida is so inspring and so many artists are adding her in their art, she is a true inspiration. :)

  6. Monica says:

    Hi,your postcard are beautiful!!!!

  7. Kate Jackson says:

    How absolutely lovey! Hope I get you!,,,,

  8. amy says:

    Frida Kahlo, of course! These are great. I like the range of styles I’ve seen so far in the postcard posts.

    • Fanie says:

      Hi Amy! :)
      Yes, you are right! There are so many different styles in the postcard exchange and each one of them is beautiful in their own way. It’s fun to see people getting more creative and get out of their comfort zone. :)

  9. Andria says:

    These are adorable! What fabulous illustrations you’ve created!

  10. Genki says:

    Your postcards are amazing! I LOVE the mermaid.

  11. Wonderful characters with such personality.

  12. Corrine says:

    Wonderful whimsical drawings, so fun to receive one of these in the mail! xox

    • Fanie says:

      Thanks, Corrine. :-) It’s funny you say they are “whimsical” as it is exactly how I would describe my artwork, lately. Eheh! :-)

  13. The friendly treeeeeee!! He’s miiiiiiine!! :) :) :) so happy! Thank you so much :) :) :) super quick post all the way from Canada too!

    • Fanie says:

      Haha! :D You are so funny, Sarah! This comment just made my (mon)day! :-)
      Glad you’re happy that the friendly tree is all yours, now. I told him to be nice and watch over you. ;)
      Take care!

  14. EWian says:

    Fairytale postcards, what could be better. Great job!

  15. cyndee starr says:

    i received your postcard yesterday. it is darling, and so appropriate for the rainy weather her in washington state lately. thank you so much, i’ve really enjoyed this swap it’s such fun checking the mail box each day.

  16. Mary says:

    Hi Fanie…I love the tree postcard you sent me!! I got it today. My tree looks feminine and has it’s arms raised in the sky.
    Thanks again!

    • Fanie says:

      You’re very welcome, Mary. :-) I’m glad you enjoyed my DIY postcard. This card is very pretty, isn’t?
      Take care! :-)


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