DIY Postcard Exchange 2012: Part 2

Here is the second half of the DIY postcard exchange for 2012.
The first time, I showed you the first 5 cards I did. Now are the other 5. Phew.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to finish this little fairy/elf, but I decided that, since I started it, I just had to finish it. Besides, she ended up quite pretty. :)

diy-postcard-9This little girl knitting with her cats reminds me a little of my Crafty Life comic I did, not so long ago.

diy-postcard-07And it’s the return of the Matryoshka! :) What’s not to like about theses little ladies?
This illustration is the only one I made with Prismacolors markers and my brand new Copics. I was surprised how it ended up looking so good.

And since i drew some kind of a “TreeMan”, I just had to draw a “TreeWoman”. :)
I did most of the cards with watercolors, including this one, mostly because watercolor paper is so resistant. It was an interesting way of working!

This little “mummy boy” is a character I designed years ago. It’s a story about little monsters going to “Monster’s school”.
I didn’t start this comic because I thought it sounded too Harry Potter to my taste, at the time. But, who knows, maybe one day I’ll find an interesting twist and work it out!


One project done! Now, on to the next! :p

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  1. iHanna says:

    Your postcards are so fun Fanie, thanks for sharing and sending your awesome drawings out into the world. Next year you have to design some drawn postal stamps for the official DIY swap!?

    Take care!

    • Fanie says:

      Ooh, that would be awesome, Hanna! :-D I’m very sure I can make theses with post canada.
      I’m really rediscovering my love for everything postal, this year. And your project have helped with this! Eheh! :-)

  2. EWian says:

    The cat card is fantastic!


  3. This is such a fantastic collection of postcards! Love the diverse themes!

  4. Sister Diane says:

    Hi, Fanie! I just received the Mummy Boy in the mail! And I love him dearly. If you ever do make that monster school comic, I would love to read it. Thank you for swapping – I’m so happy we ended up partnered! XOXO

    • Fanie says:

      You are most welcome, Diane. :-)
      I will certainly let you know if I ever do this comic book idea. Currently, I’m working on another story so I’m concentrating on this one first. But I might just work on this one again. Right now, I’m just enjoying drawing it’s main characters. Eheh. :)

  5. pam says:

    I am loving all of your postcards! Wish i were participating this year! You can bet I will be next year!


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