Easy witch makeup tutorial!

Here’s this year’s free Halloween makeup tutorial!

I’ve been doing this easy “witch” makeup design for years, now. And I thought some witches out there would appreciate it.
It’s very easy to apply this makeup and you can even customize it with the colors and/or details you would want. :)

Easy witch Halloween makeup
First off, you will need water based makeup (Which can be found at your local arts and crafts supplies or makeup shop.)
Brushes and sponges for water based makeup.

Easy witch Halloween makeup
You first start off with your sponge to apply the white base around your eyes.
Easy witch Halloween makeup
Then, do the same thing with the green color. But you put it up above your eyes, just a little over your eyebrown.
If you choose another color, pick a darker shade than the two others so it will hide your eyebrown better. ;)
Easy witch Halloween makeup
Take the orange, do the same trick, but just under your eyes and a little on your cheekbone.
Easy witch Halloween makeup
Take your brush and dip it in the black. Trace the outline over the green.
Easy witch Halloween makeup
Trace some lines around your eyes.
Easy witch Halloween makeup
I usually like to add a star under my eyes. I think it makes it look extra-witchy! ^-^
My trick is to first trace some kind of “pentragram star”…
Easy witch Halloween makeup
… then fill it with black! (Black stands out better than the other colors, usually.)
Notice that on this picture, I also decided to add some “eyeliner” around my eyes. It’s up to you if you feel comfortable enough with your paintbrush.
You couls also use a regular black eye crayon or eyeliner.
Easy witch Halloween makeup
Once you’ve done both eyes sides, paint your lips black!
Easy witch Halloween makeup
And voilà! Instant Halloween witch!
Easy witch Halloween makeup
Like I said at the beginning of the post, this makeup is very basic.
Feel free to customize it by changing it’s colors or adding some details. I kept it simple so anyone could make it. :)
Easy witch Halloween makeup
Black cat is optionnal. ;)

Let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial and, if you decide to use it for a makeup, please, please share your pictures with us! :D
Happy Halloween!

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  1. pam says:

    I have bookmarked this! I will miss Halloween this year as i will be at the airport picking up my sweet daughter from her trip to the Quilt Festival in Houston. And presenting her with her favorite birthday cake – Pumpkin Pie! (She is a Halloween Baby!)

    So I will miss the tricks and treats with my adopted kids this year. BUT NEXT year, i will again be in full witch costume and I will make you proud!

    • Fanie says:

      Yum! :-D Pumpking Pie! Your daughter sure is lucky!
      This is funny as my father’s birthday falls on october, 30th. He also usually get an autumn/halloween themed cake. :D And this year, I’m making one for him. :)

      Ooooh! I already can’t wait to see you with this makeup, for next year. ^-^ You’ll see, it is very easy to do and very pretty.

      Much hugs to you, Pam! xoxo!